Transcoma Group celebrated in ZAL, service center of Barcelona, a training session for his commercial and technical departments. This sessions will last for two

Managing Director of Transcoma Cruises and Transcoma Tours Jordi Torné Moreno, Managing Director of TRANSCOMA CRUISES, TRANSCOMA TOURS and board member of CÁDIZ CRUISE TERMINAL, began working

Transcoma Grupo Empresarial - property of the Catalan branch of the Oliver family - has acquired 100% of Transcoma Cruise & Travel, specialised in

The Transcoma Group continues its important investment in internationalisation and within this growth strategy, the company plans to extend its network of branches

Metro is making 32.6 million euros with the third sale of trains to Buenos Aires Metro de Madrid has obtained revenue of around 28

The President of the Generalitat Valenciana, Alberto Fabra, the Government Representative in the Community of Valencia, Paula Sánchez de León and the Mayoress