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Integral Logistics

Logistics for importers, exporters and manufacturers

Total management of stocks stored by our customers, quality control, order preparation, distribution to the uptake point, customs management, IT integration, confidentiality, optimal quality service and associated information.

 Receiving de producto, contenedores, camiones, granel y paletizado
 Receiving products, containers, trucks, bulk and pallets
 Supplier quality control
 Taking sensitive data, batches, expiration dates, serial numbers, etc.
 Packaging and palletizing according to master customer items
 Picking orders, packing according to customer conditions
 Tax/financial benefits and advantages through customs warehouses
 Handling, kitting
 Inventory management, cycle count
 Estimation of stored values, merchandise insurance
 Domestic and international distribution
 Confidentiality and quality, AEO and ISO9001
 Specific and highly optimized GHS of the latest generation

  • Reporting via interface, IT integration
  • Technology applied to processes, RFID, GHS
  • Issuing delivery notes from the customer through an individual GHS
  • Returning information to suppliers and clients through IT integration
  • High ratio of efficiency, KPI controls
  • EDI integration with first-level distribution chains
  • Web services