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Fiscal Depot

Logipoint, since this year, we have the regulatory approval/authorization CAE (*) to store, receive and to forward in Suspension Regime/Rule (**) alcoholics and tobacco under excise/duties.

We are covering any kind of needs or assistance to Manufacturers, Importers or Exporters dedicated to such sector so specific and related to the sensible goods/products handling.

  Alcoholics and Derived Beverages
  Intermediate Products
  Wine and Fermented Beverages

Our Main services among others

 Cross Docking
  Un/Loading (Palletized or Loose Cargo)
  Storage in Suspension Regime
 Controlled Temperature Storage (from-22Cº up to +14Cº)
 Intra-Community Suspension Regime Movements
 Processing / Management and/or issue of related Documents “e-DA” and “EMCS”
  Stock Management (Exhaustive follow up of your Goods and Related Processes)
 Handling, Order Preparation / Picking & Packaging
 Excise/Fiscal Stamps
  Transports & Distribution (Domestic & International)
  Personalized Insurance (ad hoc) subject to the Customer needs and requirements
 LCL / Consol Service

IIEE Suspension + VAT:

 Storage for still and sparkling wines
 Storage for beers of ≤ 1,2 % vol
 Destination export of all products from IIEE except fuels (1 month suspension)
 Ships and aircrafts destination
 Destination of another state of the EU in suspension or accrual
 Reception of goods from another member state

– Products with origin from the EU.
– Products outside EU.

Real Time Information / Traceability / Transparency

The steady information flow and the constant contact allow us to offer an effective service to our customers. Weekly and/or daily reports with all the detailed goods movements following our customers’ needs and requirements.

In addition from any place or at any time, our Customers through our web-page, may keep track on line of their products, to monitor the processes and all the related services.

(*) CAE (Activity Code & Establishment) to receive, storage, handling and forwarding/shipment under suspension regime of Duties/Taxes and Vat excemption.

(**) The suspension regime allows the storage of products subject to special duties, without the drawing of such Taxes/Duties up to the time of consumtion of the same.