Transcoma celebrates training sessions for its commercial and technical departments

Transcoma Group celebrated in ZAL, service center of Barcelona, a training session for his commercial and technical departments. This sessions will last for two days.

Alberto Cosin, General manager of Transcoma Logistics Spain, commented that this sessions are this sessions, are mainly focused for the freight forwarders of the group. The legislative development of this years, that is specially affecting the freight forwarders, is one of the main topics for this sessions. This days will be the opportunity to present the approach of the Strategic and Growth Plan for the next years. This growth is basically focused on expansion and development, due to the increase and presence of the business; the financial development and organizational structure and the shareholder compensation target.

This days TRANSCOMA, will communicate their intentions of the company to open new delegations in the South of Spain, besides of the already existing in the North of the peninsula. They emphasize their intentions of opening new delegations in Túnez and Marrakech strengthening their international expansion.

Economically, Cosin, highlighted that they attempt to duplicate their actual turnover, which will increase their staff and delegations.

The objective of this strategic plan, is to achieve a turnover of 70 millions of euros, for 2017, in Spain as a freight forwarder and overcome the 300 million euros, that the Group is invoicing now a days.