Interview with Jordi Torné

Managing Director of Transcoma Cruises and Transcoma Tours

Jordi Torné Moreno, Managing Director of TRANSCOMA CRUISES, TRANSCOMA TOURS and board member of CÁDIZ CRUISE TERMINAL, began working in the maritime sector (Macandrews) very young, at age 16, progressing through its shipping departments. For 23 years, he was in charge of cruises for that company. Then in 2009, it became part of TRANSCOMA GRUPO EMPRESARIAL.

How do you evaluate the celebration of Seatrade Med in Barcelona?

After various unsuccessful efforts, at last Barcelona is organizing a Seatrade Med. I think the industry owes us this. It made no sense that Barcelona, with its spectacular cruise growth, with no other city or port its equal, has never before been the protagonist.
Fortunately, this growth is taking place at an especially interesting time, since the most recent developments continue to project the Port of Barcelona into the future.

Please define these developments

On the one hand the investments in our port by two very large groups: Carnival, with the extension of its Terminal D Palacruceros, and soon the start of construction for the second terminal €, and then Royal Caribbean Cruise Ltd., with the acquisition of an important share ownership position in Creuers del Port de Barcelona, with its six terminals. Also the arrival of “Oasis of the Seas”, the world’s largest cruise vessel, with 6.360 passengers, a clear wager on our capacity for organization.

What does this signify to you?

A recognition, a reality and a projection for the future which brings stability and confidence in all the companies which make up the map of cruising in Barcelona.

In the list of conference, for the first time there is a section on logistics as applied to cruise vessels. Given Transcoma’s significant position in this area, can you comment for us on the reason for this inclusion?

Currently, vessels with a capacity of 3.000 to 4.000 passengers are constantly becoming more numerous. We spoke earlier about “Oasis of the Seas”, with 6.36o passengers. This fact means that supplies, especially of food and beverages, has reached volumes that require a powerful and flexible logistic structure which guarantees on-time delivery on the day the vessel is in port, no easy task, which demands the most minute planning and coordination. Fortunately the Barcelona Port Community collaborates with is to provide an excellent service. The Port, Customs, Health Services, Stevedores, etc., together make it possible for passengers to sit down at their tables with confidence.
As in natural, every day shipowners attach greater importance to logistics, and division dedicated to this are constantly being given greater responsibility in overall decision making.

Within the spectrum of cruise services, does Transcoma cover all aspects?

I can say that Transcoma offers and supplies all the services, given that there is within the group all the necessary infrastructure, without having to seek outside services, whether it involves. Customs agency; our own air, sea and surface transport; and warehouse storage, which has recently included refrigerated units. With all this, as I have said, we can provide for all the requirements of cruise vessels.

Can we then conclude that this industry enjoys good health?

But day after day we cannot relax. Things have been well done and they continue to be well done. Effort, efficiency and this marvelous city which we have all contribute to this.