This year the Transcoma Group will extend its network of branches abroad

The Transcoma Group continues its important investment in internationalisation and within this growth strategy, the company plans to extend its network of branches abroad with new openings, as the group’s managing director, Jaime Oliver Montero advanced during the opening of the company’s annual sales convention in Barcelona yesterday, an event that includes some training seminars.

During the inauguration of the event, Jaime Oliver recalled that “in Spain there are very few, if any at all, other companies that can offer all the services included in the supply chain”. And the Transcoma Group must know how to make the best use of this powerful tool, because the group offers all the services necessary in the logistics field.

The group’s CEO explained to the executives taking part in the Barcelona meeting that “it is crucial to know about the services that we offer in order to be able to attract business opportunities” and he underscored the importance of the seminars organised by Transcoma yesterday and today in the capital city of Catalonia.

Jaime Oliver emphasised that these seminars are “some participative sessions designed for interactions amongst all the participants, because this is what will enrich us”. In short, the idea is to create synergies amongst all the members of the group to promote the development capacity that the group itself has.

In addition to the growth due to the opening of new branches, which will mainly take place in areas such as Latin America and North Africa, the CEO of the Transcoma Group recalled that it is crucial “to grow, but with profitable growth”. To do this, the group will put new tools, such as corporate departments at its personnel’s disposal, “to help with the routine, everyday work”, concluded Jaime Oliver.

The Transcoma Group is formed by a network of services companies operating in the areas of shipping, customs, forwarding and global logistics agencies. Regarding the services, one of the latest new incorporations to the group has been the start up of a business line centred on cold chain logistics. Through the company Logipsam, last year the company started a management process for perishable products, an activity that arose with the liner world in mind, but that serves all kinds of customers requiring cold chain freighting services. In order to do this, the company has a warehouse located very close to the Port of Barcelona, which expedites and aids the distribution of the products.

The Transcoma Group convention in Barcelona has brought together around 40 executives from different branches of the company.