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Customs Warehouses

Consulting and advice customs warehouses and external service

We advise our clients on the optimal use and the resulting benefits obtained by the management of our customs warehouses. Re-engineering the processes and adaptation to the customer’s operational needs. Concentration of financial resources on the company’s main business.

Customs warehouses

ADT: Temporary Deposit

DDA: Special VAT Rules (The Importer of goods from a third country precedence will pay duties but with the exemption of VAT)

DAP: Public Bonded Warehouse

LAME: Authorized Warehouse for Export Goods

Re-engineering the processes, outsourcing

 Find out about real logistic costs in a clear way
 Convert your fixed costs into variable ones
 Remove internal inefficiencies
 Reduce your investment risk in non-CORE activities of your company
 Be more flexible in relation to the market fluctuations and in demand
 Get constant Access to high-level equipment and services
 Improve your productivity and level of service, be more competitive