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Cold Chain Logistics

Specialized in logistic management at a controlled temperature

With our own cold storage-rooms, we extend this specific service to our customers.

  Receiving products, containers, trucks, loose and palletized cargoes
  Quality control from the supplier
  Specific and highly optimized state-of-the-art GHS
  Picking orders, packing according to customer conditions
  Tax/Financial benefits and advantages through customs warehouses
  Handling, kitting
  Inventory management, cycle count
  Estimation of stored values, merchandise insurance
  Domestic and international distribution
  Specific licenses, customs warehouses, health registries, pharmacy approval
  Confidentiality and quality, AEO and ISO 9001
  Specific and highly optimized, cutting-edge GHS:

– Electronic cold-chain control
– Reporting via interface, IT integration
– Technology applied to processes, RFID, GHS
– Returning information to suppliers and clients through IT integration
– High ratio of efficiency, KPI controls
– EDI integration with first-level distribution chains
– Web services